Our company
FEANDREA has been active as a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the pet products industry for about 10 years. The brand FEANDREA is specially created for the pet products further promotion.

In 2011, we established an office and warehouse in Germany. Later, in 2014, we established an office and warehouse in the USA.

Our main products focus on the cat and dog products now. FEANDREA makes innovative, top-quality products. Long-term cooperation is what we pursue.
Our brand
Fe and Rea, brother and sister kittens only a few days old, were found weak, hungry and cold by an employee of Ziel.

As a new mother herself, she was genuinely concerned for the well-being of these kittens. The veterinarian said they only had a 10% survival rate, however, she and another colleague decided to adopt these kittens. They needed to learn how to care for, protect, nurture, and accommodate them into their schedule. The idea for starting Ziel Inc.'s first pet lovers’ club named FEANDREA materialized, giving coworkers the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge about raising a pet.

FEANDREA’s fans have become one of our greatest sources for feedback about pet products. Fe and Re are now healthy, happy and fluffy. They enjoy their new home and their unlimited supply of pet toys and products through the FEANDREA club and the new FEANDREA brand.
Our market
Today, FEANDREA has warehouses in Germany and the USA. Europe and North America are our main target market. FEANDREA makes innovative, top-quality products, born of a genuine love of animals. So, it’s no surprise that our products are in such high demand all over the world. We are looking to pursue long-term cooperation with companies everywhere.